Le Ciel Foundation

Le Ciel Foundation is a UK based charity whose mission is to reverse the current societal and environmental collapse, to create greater connection, balance and harmony with all life on Earth, for us and 7 generations to come. How do we do this? By quickly and widely integrating or re-integrating primordial wisdom into our modern lives.

We believe in a society based on a global vision of interconnectivity and collaboration with all life that instils daily actions with purpose, values and principles in service of the whole.

To achieve this vision, we are:

  • building holistic models for society starting with a framework for a City of the Future
  • developing educational film projects for children and adults
  • teaching people to go from the I to the We through specialised training programs
  • setting up community hubs building local solutions.

If you want to experience how primordial wisdom can transform lives positively, If you feel called by our missions and want to help amplify and accelerate global change, join our community of change-makers. Find out more at lecielfoundation.com or get in touch at hello@lecielfoundation.com.